Windsor Ultimate about us

Our goal is to provide a forum for fun, fitness, fairness and community governed by adhering to the "Spirit of the Game" - upholding sportsmanship and respect in the highest regards


Windsor Ultimate officially first took shape in Summer 2007, with a very successful first season. That year we held two training clinics and had more than 80 league registrants. The league grew with the assistance and administrative efforts of the board members and our supportive crew. In 2010 we officially became a non-profit entity in the province of Ontario, this move allowed us to better situate ourselves as a legitimate sports league in Southern Ontario.

Fast forward to today, we will be starting our 8th summer season (2014), and have certainly grown in size and in skill since our founding year. With now over 360 registered members in our league, we are getting bigger and better!

Our board is currently made up of 6 individuals (all volunteer), so check it out and get to know us more!


We are based in Windsor Ontario Canada and with the help of the City of Windsor, we have an official field to play Ultimate Frisbee on. Thanks to a great location, we are able to host competitive league games, and “pick-up” play.

What we are about

Our league was founded on principles of fun spirited game play for all. We encourage that mantra in our league and work with all team members to make our time on the field memorable & enjoyable. Ultimate Frisbee games are self refereed, encouraging honesty and respect while still fostering a strong competitive atmosphere. If you have a goal to play a new sport that helps you exercise and meet new people, Ultimate Frisbee is for you!

League Requirements

The league requires players ages 16 and up for safety reasons. Insurance coverage for all participants is provided upon league registration via the Ontario Disc Sports Association. We do not have any location requirements, if you are local to the Windsor area, or to the Essex county you are more than qualified. We welcome people from Michigan and Ohio too (if they choose to make the drive). Other than that we encourage equipment like cleats for running to reduce tripping and sliding injuries on the field.