Account Registration guide and faq

As OpenID is new to many people, this page was created to answer some questions and alleviate some concerns regarding the process. You are probably here because you're not quite sure what icon to click on to 'login/register'.

  • Why are there no usernames & passwords?
    The OpenID model allows users to simply login using their other credentials from places like (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, or any other OpenID provider). Who needs to remember yet ANOTHER username or password? This is a lot safer in the end for users, as we use industry level connectors and not some home-brewed username/password security setup.

  • But if I connect with Facebook/Twitter/Google/Yahoo/etc you will get all my details!?
    This is untrue! By connecting with your Facebook/Twitter/Google/Yahoo/etc account, all we get is your first & last name and email address. Unlike your Facebook apps we have no need for your personal information other than to just make it easier for you (the user) to connect to us (the website).

  • What do I do if I don't have any of these accounts?
    Well you should! With advances in web technologies, you should already have at LEAST one of these accounts. However since not everyone does, you can easily create one at Once your account is setup, simply come back here and login, try using this new account on other sites too, it will make life easier without all these additional usernames and passwords.