Ultimate Frisbee what is it?

Ultimate is a non contact, fast paced field sport played with two teams of seven. The object is to throw a Frisbee up the field from teammate to teammate until it's caught in the opponent's end zone. The game combines elements from other sports - the running of soccer, the jumping, pivoting, passing and continual turnovers from offense to defense of basketball, and the long bombs into the end-zone of football.

Ultimate began in 1968 in Maplewood, New Jersey by a bunch a students from Columbia High School. The staff members of the school newspaper, the Colombian, and its student council developed a new game as a gag and activity for their high-school evenings.

The game was free formed early on, with as many as 20 or 30 players allowed per team. Initially played as Frisbee Football, the rules were slowly modified, eventually eliminating running with the disc and the system of downs, and establishing a set of rules for the defense. As the students graduated the game spread to the college level.

Today, Ultimate is played by people from all walks of life in more than 35 countries throughout the world. From the 25,000 amateur athletes that compete through the UPA (Ultimate Players Association) and the WFDF (World Flying Disc Federation) to the even greater number that play in informal leagues and casual pickup games; Ultimate is a sport for everyone. The best way to learn Ultimate is to play it.

What to bring to play a game of Ultimate:

  1. Plenty of Water or a Snack
  2. Two shirts: dark or light (for league play you will get a team color shirt)
  3. Shoes/Cleats (recommended)
  4. Folding chairs for sitting and resting.
  5. ...yourself!