Pick Up...Tonight! 6:30PM

Wednesday, August 21 2019

If you need to get some more Ultimate in, tonight’s the night. The 2019 summer season may be over but we have the fields for one more week. Let’s try to get two full-field pick-up games going. If you thought you were in shape, this could be a test!  Bring your black and white jerseys and we’ll make the teams at the field. Losers have to do 20 push-ups! Lol!

In case you haven’t heard, our very own Windsor Ultimate Spirit All Stars defeated their Detroit Ultimate Frisbee League counterparts by a score of 11-6, keeping the trophy on Canadian soil. It was a very windy and spirited affair. A sudden rain storm had us running for cover at Parks and Rec Gastropub…we couldn’t even shake hands…we ran!  The only group photo we have is on the patio! We will have the trophy on hand tonight for display. Hats off to our board member Ken who did a magnificent job putting the trophy together.